St. Louis County Project - Clayton Rd Resurfacing

The City of Richmond Heights recently received the plans for the St. Louis County Clayton Road Resurfacing project.
The project will start in September 2018 and continue through Summer 2019 with asphalt resurfacing taking place in June 2019.

Most Richmond Heights side streets off Clayton Road will have a new bump out (aka bulb out per the plans) to better define the intersection for ADA, pedestrian safety and on-street parking. 

Project Map and Limits

Clayton Road

View the County's plans pertaining to the total street resurfacing project here

View the County's plans pertaining the bump outs / bulb outs affecting RH City side streets here 

View the County's Project Notification Letter here  

February 7, 2019 Update:
See project update from St. Louis County.  Click here.

June 5, 2019 Update:
The County's contractor is set to start paving on Clayton Road the week of June 10th.  The paving should take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Please be advised that milling and paving operations are to begin on Monday June 10th on the Clayton Rd. Infrastructure Project, St. Louis County Project No. AR-1674. The project limits are Louwen Dr. at the west end and the St. Louis City/County line (near Skinker) at the east end.

 Starting approximately at 7:00 AM Monday, June 10th, milling will begin at the west end of the project in the EB right lane. After completion of the EB lane, milling will then move to the WB right lane, starting at the east limit.

The first lift of asphalt (wedge course) will follow the milling, starting at 7:00 PM Tuesday evening, June 11th in the EB direction, followed by the WB lanes.

Milling and wedging these outside lanes is expected to take 3 to 4 days to complete.

 After the outside lanes are milled and wedge course is placed, those lanes will be opened to traffic. The milling will then move to the center lanes and will be performed in three sections:

  • ·         west limit to Hanley
  • ·         Hanley to Big Bend
  • ·         Big Bend to east limit

Each of these sections will be milled during the day, and wedged during the night. It is anticipated that these lanes will take approximately 1 day per each section, 3 days total to complete.

 NOTE: Once these lanes are closed for milling, they will remain closed to traffic until wedge course is placed. After the wedge course is completed in these areas, temporary markings will be placed for lane markings and the roadway will be opened to traffic.

 After all milling and wedging is complete, the final lift of asphalt will commence. This work will be performed also at night, generally between the hours of 7:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The final lift of asphalt will take approximately six nights to complete.

 After the completion of the final lift of mainline paving, sidestreet approaches will then be paved. This work will be accomplished during daytime hours.

 It is anticipated that all the milling and paving will be completed by the end of June / early July.

 Upon completion of the paving, detector loops will be installed at all  signalized intersections.

 Painting of lane lines, centerlines and crosswalks will be performed by St. Louis County forces and will begin after the detector loops have been installed.

 Message boards and signs have been posted earlier this week to inform motorists of upcoming work.

 Please be aware that there will be lane closures and traffic congestion. Although there will always be at least one lane open in each direction, motorists should expect delays during this work. Motorists using sidestreets to access Clayton Rd. may experience significant delays at certain times.

 As always in construction, weather can affect milling and paving operations, thereby requiring adjustments to the intended schedule and possibly delaying the completion of this work.

 If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by cell phone.

 Thank you

 Jack Horn

Project Engineer

St. Louis County

Dept. of Transportation

(636) 725-5100