Council Petitions

See the City Council Petition Requirements below. 

To be presented to Council, a petition must:

• be addressed to the Mayor;
• be made by residents of the city;
• state the request on each page of the petition;
• contain the names, addresses and signatures of the residents making the request;
• contain a summary of the reasons for the request;
• state the name of the person upon whom (initiator), and an address at which,
notice to the petitioners can be given;
• be respectful and temperate in its language and not contain language disrespectful
to Council;
• be legible;
• be in the English language or be accompanied by a translation certified to be
correct. The person certifying the translation must place his or her name and
address on the translation;
• not contain any alterations; and
• not have any letters or other documents attached to it.
All the signatures on a petition must meet the following requirements:
• Every signature must be written on a page bearing the terms of the petition, or the
action requested by the petition. Signatures must not be copied, pasted or
transferred on to the petition nor should they be placed on a blank page on the
reverse of a sheet containing the terms of the petition.
• Each signature must be made by the person signing in his or her own handwriting.

Petition Format - now fillable!