Mayor & City Council

Charter Provisions for Council and Mayor
Per the Municipal Code, Section 115.010
Composition. The Council shall consist of a Mayor and eight (8) Council members.
Representation. The Mayor shall represent the City at large. Two (2) Council members shall represent each of the four (4) districts established under Section 110.060.
Eligibility. The Mayor and each Council member shall be a qualified voter of the City. The Mayor and each Council member shall be a resident of the City and shall have been a resident of the City for at least one (1) year prior to his/her election. Additionally, each Council member shall be a resident of the district which he/she represents.
Terms. The Mayor and each Council member shall be elected for a four (4) year term except as provided in Section 110.020(D). The terms of the two (2) Council members representing each district shall be staggered so that only one (1) such Council member's term expires in each even-numbered year.
Limitation On Terms. There shall be no limit to the number of terms a person may serve as Mayor or Council member; provided however, that no person shall be eligible to be elected to more than three (3) consecutive four (4) year terms as Mayor or Council member.
Compensation. The compensation rate set for City Council members shall be as four hundred eighty dollars ($480.00) per month. 
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Richmond Heights Mayor and City Council


Reggie Finney 2024

Reginald Finney

Reginald Finney, first elected Mayor in April 2024, has lived in Richmond Heights for more than 50 years. A graduate of Maplewood Richmond Heights High School, Mr. Finney has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Washington University as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in practical theology from Metropolitan Christian Bible Institute. Mr. Finney is also a United States Air Force veteran.

Mr. Finney formerly served on the RH Recreational Advisory Board and founded the Hadley Township Homeowners Association and the MRH Hall of Fame Restoration Committee. He also co-founded the now-defunct Concerned Citizens for the Betterment of Richmond Heights. Mr. Finney has an adult daughter, Gwendolyn Rusan, of Jefferson City.

He was elected for his first term representing District 2 in April 2014; his third term would have expired in April 2026 however since becoming mayor, his term will expire in 2028.
Council District 1

Greg Vescovo 2024
Greg Vescovo


Greg Vescovo, Jr. and his family have lived in Richmond Heights for seven years. He graduated from the University of Dayton School of Law in May 2010 where he was recognized for Pro Bono Commitment to the Community. Greg has practiced law for approximately nine years. Recently Greg received the honor of being named one of Missouri’s Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers. This honor is extended exclusively to those individuals who exemplify superior qualifications, trial results, and leadership as a Civil Plaintiff trial lawyer. From his perspective, the three main issues for the City and its residents are the following: striking a balance between commercial development and fighting to maintain the residential charm that makes Richmond Heights the great community it is; maintaining the services and benefits provided by the City; and achieving these goals while maintaining and strengthening our schools.

He was elected for his first term representing District 1 in June 2020 and re-elected in 2024; his second term will expire in April 2028.

Lisa Eppert 2024
Lisa Eppert

Lisa Eppert has lived in Richmond Heights for the past 19 years.  She graduated from the University of Kansas with a Degree in Business Administration and Advertising.  Lisa and her husband, Patrick, currently own a marketing services agency executing marketing programs for a broad range of national clients, some in highly regulated industries, and local, national, and international non-profits. She has held many leadership roles in the community including President of both Little Flower Ladies' Club and Little Flower School Board. Lisa is currently Vice President of St. Louis non-profit, Lolly's Place, and a member of the Board of Directors for international NGO, Media Matters for Women.  They have 3 daughters, two at Little Flower Catholic School and one at Nerinx Hall. 

She was elected for her first term representing District 1 in April 2018; her second term will expire in April 2026.
Council District 2

Maurice Muia 2024
Maurice Muia


Maurice K. Muia was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands. He, his wife and their three children have enjoyed life in Richmond Heights for the past six years. Mr. Muia earned a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and pursued a Master's Degree in Sustainability from SLU.

Currently, he is serving as the Climate Advisor for the City of St. Louis where he advises the City on sustainable building policy and transportation electrification. He was instrumental in the passing of a historic Solar Ready ordinance for new construction in the City of St. Louis. Prior to his current role, he was an electrical power system engineer with electric utilities across the State of Missouri. In 2009, he met with Delegate to Congress Dr. Christensen to discuss opportunities for sustainability in island nations for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Additionally, he was a Sustainability Commissioner for the City of Maplewood where he worked on Sustainability and Climate Change challenges at the local level. He believes sustainability and climate change are one of the biggest issues facing our local community and nation.

From his perspective, the three most important issues before the City and its residents are the following: safety, youth engagement, and continuity. Ensuring the safety in our community for everyone is a key pillar to the success of Richmond Heights. He believes residents and visitors to Richmond Heights should feel safe all at times. Engaging our youth in careers and opportunities of the future outside of school should create a better environment for our children and families.

He was elected for his first term representing District 2 in June 2020; his second term will expire in April 2028.

The second seat serving Council District 2 is vacant. A special election will be added in the November General Election to elect a new council member to fill this vacancy. 

District 2 Community Meetings

* District 2 community meetings at THE HEIGHTS are currently on hold and will resume if we are able depending on the pandemic*  District 2 council members host a community meeting at 10 a.m. most every second Saturday of the month at THE HEIGHTS in order to hear from their constituents and to share information about important issues and updates. Residents from throughout the City are welcome to attend.
Council District 3

Ashley Metcalf 2024
Ashley Metcalf

Ashley Metcalf is a St. Louis native and has lived in Richmond Heights since she was 16.  After graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she earned a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, she moved back to Richmond Heights. Ashley and her husband, Joe, and their two daughters live on Princeton Place with both children enrolled in the Maplewood-Richmond Heights school system.

Ashley works as a Senior Manager for Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate firm, where she represent tenants. She ensures her clients' needs are met and provides leadership to her team of associates. Ashley also volunteers for non-profit organizations such as Crisis Nursery and various local theater groups.

She was elected for her first term representing District 3 in April 2018; her second term will expire in April 2026.

Brooke Rintoul 2024
Brooke Rintoul


Brooke Rintoul, her husband Jim, and two daughters have lived in Richmond Heights since 2002. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Psychology and later St. Louis University with a degree in Special Education. Their daughters attended Maplewood-Richmond Heights Schools, class of 2017 and the other is set to graduate this year.

 Ms. Rintoul’s professional background is in education. She worked many years teaching and advocating for students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. She also worked at Garden Heights Nursery for several years and continues to do freelance landscaping work.

In 2009, Ms. Rintoul was elected to the Maplewood-Richmond Heights Board of Education where she served until 2016. She participated in many community engagement efforts before, during and after her time on the MRH Board. She’s also a past president of the Little Flower School Board.

In her opinion, the three most important issues facing the City of Richmond Heights include: ensuring diverse voices and needs are heard, respected, and responded to; supporting and caring for our most vulnerable residents; and encouraging the council’s stewardship of the city’s financial resources.

She was elected to her first term representing District 3 in April 2024 which will expire in April 2028.
Council District 4
Rebecca Tantillo 2024
Rebecca Tantillo

(917) 603-5725

Rebecca Tantillo moved to District 4 in Richmond Heights in 2017 with her husband, Chris, and their son, Gabe. After living in Clayton and Lafayette Square, they knew they wanted to live in a safe, beautiful neighborhood with excellent schools. Her  husband is a musician with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and their son attends elementary school in the district.

They love their neighborhood and plan on making it their home for many years to come. Ms. Tantillo is a Project Manager at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, where she has worked since 2016 in various roles comprising regulatory compliance and risk management, policy development, regulatory support for clinical departments, and contract management. She is an attorney, having attended Saint Louis University School of Law, and was previously Assistant General Counsel at Saint Louis University. Prior to her legal experience, she worked in New York for many years in the fine art business, working with galleries, non-profits, and events firms.

This is Ms. Tantillo's first time running for office and she is excited to have the opportunity to serve her community. In her opinion, the three most important issues facing the City of Richmond Heights include: maintaining and improving infrastructure for the longevity of the community, safety, and strategic and thoughtful business development that maintains the residential characteristics of Richmond Heights while growing its economic potential.

She was elected for her first term representing District 4 in April 2024 which will expire in April 2028.

Scott Huston 2024Scott Huston

Council Member Scott Huston and his wife, Molly, are native St. Louisans who moved back from the West Coast to Richmond Heights in 2019. They have two daughters, Hannah and Paige, and reside in District 4. He graduated from Saint Louis University with a BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology and an MBA. 

Scott has spent his career advancing the health of his communities via technology. He's been a clinical researcher, university educator, has built programs that improve access to care for cancer patients, and, more recently, developed a telehealth solution that aided patients in obtaining care during the height of a pandemic. 

Scott has served on city and community economic development committees, been a coach and mentor for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and is a frequent volunteer at community kitchens and shelters. Seeking to make Richmond Heights his long-term home, he hopes to leverage his familiarity with technology and experience generating economic growth to advance our already great City forward. 
He was elected for his first term representing District 4 in April 2022; his term will expire in April 2026.