Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste, and Bulk Pickup

NEW Recycling Wizard courtesy of the St. Louis County Department of Public Health!

Trash, recycling, and yard waste pickups are free to residents of single-family homes and multi-family buildings containing a maximum of four dwelling units. The City's current solid waste service provider is Republic Services.

For Large item "bulky pickup" such as a couch, furniture, or appliance, etc., please call Republic Services to schedule the free removal at (636) 947-5959.

Republic Services provides trash, recycling and yard waste pickups every Wednesday throughout Richmond Heights for single family homes and multi-family buildings with no more than four units. Items must be in the tree lawn by 7 a.m. and emptied cans must be removed by 8 p.m. that evening. Items may be placed in the tree lawn as early as 3 p.m. the day before pickup. Waste receptacles will not be picked up if weighing more than 50 lbs.

  • Trash should be placed in the blue carts provided by Republic Services. 
  • Recyclables should be placed in the dark green carts provided by the city. Sorting is not required but items should be EMPTY, DRY, & CLEAN. Recyclables can be kept loose, not bagged. Unsure if something is recyclable? See the Recycle Wizard above.  
  • Compostables/yard waste should be clearly marked and placed in reusable plastic or metal waste containers that have tight-fitting lids or in biodegradable containers such as brown kraft paper bags or unwaxed cardboard boxes. Plastic bags may not be used for yard waste/compostables. 
  • Bulk pick-ups must be scheduled with Republic Services before being set to the curb. Bulk pickups typically occur on regular waste pickup days with a few exceptions. Appliances, electronics and construction materials must be scheduled with Republic Services.

Please call the Public Works Department at 314-645-2277 or Republic Services at 636-947-5959 with questions about waste pickups. If you wish to pay for rear door pick up service, please contact Republic to set up the service for a fee.

Another great resource is the Richmond Heights Disposal Guide online here.

Recyclable Materials - All items must be EMPTY * CLEAN * DRY

Visit for more details! 

  • newspapers and newspaper inserts (remove plastic sleeves)
  • magazines, catalogs
  • junk mail
  • cardboard (broken down, dry)
  • brown paper bags
  • phone books
  • paperback books 
  • glass of all colors (unbroken, clean)
  • plastic milk jugs (clean, empty)
  • aluminum cans (empty, clean)
  • tin cans (clean)


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