Traffic Calming Program

The City of Richmond Heights Traffic Calming Program is designed to foster a collaborative working relationship between residents, elected officials and city staff to identify transportation concerns and develop solutions that will improve roadway safety.

The Traffic Calming Program is an evolving process, to be used as a resource for resident-driven solutions to neighborhood transportation concerns. As such, it may be modified by the Public Works Department in order to better address the needs of the city and its residents while prioritizing the expenditure of public resources.

Each measure has been chosen to provide low-cost, easily-implemented solutions to traffic concerns in the neighborhood.  Additionally, such measures are chosen for their use to effectively mitigate some of the most common traffic issues.

The overall goal for the Traffic Calming Program is to provide safe travel on public local roadways for both pedestrians, cyclists and all authorized vehicles. With this in mind, traffic calming measures should be chosen to create safer, more livable local streets and to increase the comfort and convenience of the system for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.  Additionally, measures should be designed to:

  • Increase pedestrian and bicyclist safety
  • Reduce speeds
  • Improve intersections for all users
  • Encourage regional motorists to use collector and arterial roads instead of local roads
  • Deter commercial truck traffic and other inappropriate vehicles from using local roads
  • Encourage and enhance pedestrian and bicycle access and usage
  • Be cost effective, easily-implemented, maintained and sustainable
  • Maintain the appealing character of the neighborhood

Request Form and Petition

The traffic calming process begins with a Richmond Heights Traffic Calming Program Request Form. A resident living in the block of the area of concern must fill out and submit the Request Form to the City of Richmond Heights. Printable request forms can be found here, submitted online here, or by contacting Public Works Director Chris Boyd at or 314-645-2277.

The Request Form must be submitted with the accompanying petition in order to be evaluated by the City. The petition must be signed affirmatively by at least two-thirds of the households within the affected street area. Petition signers must be at least eighteen years of age and the legal occupant or owner of the residence. Only one signer per household counts. 

To read all of the details of the Traffic Calming Program, click here.