Street Projects

The City of Richmond Heights works hard to keep it's infrastructure safe. See the list below of street projects in the City.

Check back regularly to see what's happening around town.

Street Projects

Del Norte and La Veta Avenue - Missouri American Water Main Replacement Project
February 2023:  The contractor has completed all watermain and service installation work.  Once weather allows, restoration for the roadway pavement will begin on La Veta.  The City project for reconstruct Del Norte will begin in March/April.

November 10:    
The service work continues on Del Norte and will follow soon on La Veta.  The service work should be completed by the end of the year.

September 20: 
The new water main has been installed and is in service.  The contractor has started to install services on Del Norte and will continue to La Veta as well.  Service work is anticipated to take 6-8 weeks.  Restoration by MOAW will follow on La Veta once services are completed.  The City project to reconstruct Del Norte will take place in the spring of 2023.

June 29:
Work is expected to begin Tuesday, July 5 on Del Norte Avenue at Williams Avenue, working towards La Veta Avenue. Periodically, during the day (7am to 3pm), Del Norte may be closed to local traffic only to allow the contractor more working room to expedite their work.  Please follow detour signs when in place.

June 22: The contractor for Missouri American Water (MOAW) for the Del Norte and La Veta project is estimating a June 27 start date. This is dependent on when they can get their pipe delivered so will have a more definite answer soon. 
MOAW has sent letters and automated phone calls to residents along the route.

April 2022:

MOAW has hired ECM Construction to replace the watermain and services on Del Norte and La Veta Avenue.  The watermain on Del Norte will be replaced between Bruno Avenue and La Veta Avenue and the watermain on La Veta will be replaced between Bellevue Avenue and Del Norte Avenue.  

Construction is scheduled to start the first week in June after schools are out for the summer.  The watermain should be installed in the ground within 8 weeks with service work to immediately follow.  

ECM will be responsible for all roadway restoration work on La Veta. ECM will only be installing a temporary asphalt patch on Del Norte as the City has a planned project starting in the spring of 2023 to reconstruct the street, sidewalk and driveway approaches.

ECM is scheduled to complete their portion of the project, including road restorations by the end of November.
Hoover Avenue - Missouri American Water Main Replacement Project
February 2023 Update:
  • The contractor has completed the watermain and water service installation.
  • Base concrete has been installed.
  • Asphalt milling and service will be place when temperatures allow.
November 2022 Update:
  • The contractor has completed the watermain project on Hoover between Calytonia and Big Bend.
  • The contractor has installed the new watermain between Bellevue and Big Bend and has completed service transfers between Bellevue and Highland Terrace.
  • The remaining services should be completed by the end of the year with restoration to follow soon after.  Winter weather may delay road restoration until spring.  
September 2022 Update:
  • The contractor has installed the water main and services on the first phase of the project west of Big Bend.  Restoration should be completed by end of September. 
  • The contractor will start sawcutting on the second phase of the project east of Big Bend on September 21 with main installation to follow soon after.  
August 2022 Update:
  • MOAW has contracted with Excel Utilities to replace the water main on Hoover Avenue between Calytonia and Bellevue.  
  • The project will be completed in phases with the first phase between Calytonia and Big Bend.  Once this section is completed and restored, we will permit the section between Big Bend and Bellevue to begin.
  • The entire project is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year.