2020 Concrete street replacement Projects

March 2020 Update:

The City has contracted with Sweetens Concrete to replace the concrete street on Claytonia Terrace between Dale Avenue and Lindbergh Drive.  They will also reconstruct the street of Boland Place between Dale Avenue and I-64

April 2020 Update:

Sweetens Concrete has started work on Claytonia Terrace and will replace the concrete slabs one side at a time.  They will start on the southbound lanes, leaving the northbound lanes for travel.  Residents will receive letters once they are required to be out of their driveways for the work.  Once the southbound lanes are complete, the work will shift to the northbound lanes.  The work is anticipated to take 8-10 weeks.

July 2020 Update:

Sweetens Concrete has completed all work on Claytonia and are addressing a couple of punch list items.  They will move to the Boland Place work late July or early august once the Boland Place apartments are completed on the east side of the building.  The work on Boland Place will take 4-6 weeks once it begins.  Residents will be alerted by letters once they are required to be out of their driveways.

September 2020 Update:

Sweetens Concrete is scheduled to start work on Boland Place between Dale and I-64 on Tuesday, September 8th.  Northbound traffic on Dale will be closed and detoured to Laclede Station Road to Wise Avenue and back to Boland Place.  Southbound traffic will be allowed on Boland Place towards Dale.  The project should take 4 weeks to complete.  

Overall Project Boundary Map