Lovella Avenue Bridge Replacement Project

The City of Richmond Heights has secured a federal grant to replace the bridge culvert on Lovella Avenue over Claytonia Creek.  MSD is looking to add a small storm sewer separation project between Moorlands and Claytonia Creek to the overall project.

The schedule for the project is as follow:

Design - 2019
Right of Way and temporary easement acquisitions (if needed) - 2020
Construction - 2021

Overall Project Boundary Map
This map identifies the overall project boundary of where these services will be performed.

July 23, 2021
The bridge deck has been removed and work will begin on the new structure,.

June 21, 2021
Storm sewer work is expected to start tomorrow (June 22) and the road will be closed at the bridge. Traffic control will be up this afternoon. If all goes well, the storm sewer work will take ~10 days to complete, but the bridge will be closed until the project is complete as the bridge demo will be after the storm sewer work.  

June 3, 2021 Update:
Raineri anticipates starting the project the week of June 21.  They will start mobilizing and prepping the site the week before and the start installing storm sewers along Moorlands and Lovella.  Once the bridge demolition begins, the bridge and the area of the project will be closed to through traffic until the work is completed.  THe contractor has 120 days to complete the project.  

April 14, 2021 Update:

We are currently in the process of approving the contract for Raineri Construction to construct the project.  The anticipated start date is mid-May.  The project will take 3-4 months to complete once construction begins.

January 23, 2019 Update:

All survey and design contracts with MODOT and MSD have been approved.  Oates Associates will begin survey late January or early February depending on weather.  You will start to see colored flags and paint in the street and yard areas as utilities will be located for the surveyor to pickup for design.