How many officers work for RHPD?

Is the department Internationally Accredited?

What kind of training/education is required of RHPD officers?

How can I get a copy of my crash/crime report?

How can I look up or pay my ticket?

Where can I find information about Richmond Heights' ordinances?

Where can I find information about handicap parking availability?

Where can I find out about Richmond Heights crime summaries and crash statistics?

Where can I submit compliments/concerns about my experience with an officer?

Where can I fill out a survey regarding suggestions/comments I have about RHPD as a whole?

What kinds of community outreach programs is RHPD involved in?

Does RHPD have a Community Camera Program?

Does RHPD have body-worn cameras?

How can I receive updates on things going on with RHPD?

What should I do if I have another question?