P.A.C.T. Unit - Community Relations

* Due to COVID-19, many of our community events are postponed until it's safe to resume. 

The PACT (Police And Community Together) unit is the Community Relations division of the Richmond Heights Police Department. Created in 1995, the unit was designed to fortify the relationship between citizens and police. We believe that through transparency and positive interactions with those we serve, we can become a stronger, safer community. 

To learn more about some of the programs and events we are involved in, please use the drop-down arrows below. Many of the projects and events involving the PACT Unit raise money for our community efforts.

For more information regarding this unit and its programs, please contact current PACT officer at 314-655-3632 or by email PACT@richmondheights.org.

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Who is the current P.A.C.T. Officer?

Coffee with a Cop

DEA Drug Take-Back Day

First Responder Appearance Request

National Night Out Against Crime

Neighborhood Watch

PACT Unit Fundraisers

P.A.C.T. to School Supply Drive

Police Station Tours

Police Substation

Protect and Soft Serve

Public Safety Citizens Academy

School Liaison Program (S.T.A.R.T.)

Social Media

Special Olympics

Youth Nights