at THE HEIGHTS Aquatic Center
(Updated 10/6/21)

Welcome to Group Swim Lessons at THE HEIGHTS. The main goal of our lesson program is to help individuals to be safe in and around an aquatic center.

All lesson registrations will include 8 sessions with times ranging between 30-40 min. based on skill level. Each lesson has a 4-6 capacity max. There are no make up dates for classes missed. We reserve the right to combine classes due to low enrollment in any level. 

Registrations are available online or can be made by visiting or calling THE HEIGHTS Community Center, 314-645-1476.

For questions regarding swim lessons contact Lindsey Richardson,


Parent and Child Swimming Lesson:

Parent and Child (coming soon!)

(ages 6 months-3 years)

Parent participation is required in this class to teach safe behaviors around the water and develop swimming readiness. Parents will learn about water safety and drowning prevention.

Youth Swimming Lessons:

Level 1
(30 minute class)

This class is for those not yet comfortable going under water voluntarily. Kids will become comfortable with underwater exploration and learn basic self-rescue water skills.

Level 2
(30 minute class)

Children must be comfortable in the water and able to submerge their head unassisted. In this class the focus will be on body position and control as well as forward movement in the water.

Level 3
(30 minute class)

Children are able to float on their front and back sides, but are unable to swim 15 yards unassisted.

Stroke Development (coming soon!)
(40 minute class)

Participants must be able to swim at least 15 yards unassisted. Students will be taught to coordinate front crawl and elementary backstroke. They will also focus on treading water. 

swim lesson stages 10.6.21

THE HEIGHTS Community Center
Swim Lesson Schedule:

October 26th - December 14th

Pre-School Level 1

Pre-School Level 2

School-Age Level 1

School-Age Level 2

School-Age Level 3


Levels 1-3:
: $45/child
Non-Residents: $54/child

Levels 4-6 (coming soon!)

Any child residing in the cities of Richmond Heights, Maplewood or Brentwood are considered residents. Members of THE HEIGHTS are also eligible for the resident rates.

How Do I Register my child/ren?
Registrations are available online at They can also be made over the phone by calling or visiting THE HEIGHTS Community Center, 314-645-1476. Before calling/registering please locate the age and level you wish to enroll and find the dates and times that best match your needs. Credit card payments only. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

How Should My Child Dress?
All participants must wear traditional lined swimsuits as required by the St. Louis County Health Department. Sports wear and athletic attire are not suitable substitutes. Additional clothing may be worn over the swimwear for cultural, religious or modesty purposes. These items must be close fitting and preferably made of polyester, nylon, lycra and/or spandex materials as cotton increases the train on pool filtration systems. Every participant must rinse thoroughly in the on deck shower prior to enter the pool. Children who are not yet potty trained must wear a swim diaper.

What if My Child Needs to Miss a Class?
There are no make up dates for classes missed due to personal reasons or due to uncontrollable circumstances, i.e. weather closures, fecal contamination. We reserve the right to combine classes due to low enrollment in any level. Participants must be enrolled by the first day of class.