Tree Planting Program

The City of Richmond Heights plants street trees throughout the city in our neighborhoods and parks to provide benefits for years to come.

The benefits of planting of trees include: water conservation, prevent soil erosion, improve biodiversity, filter pollutants, produce oxygen, absorb and sequester carbon, provide habitat for wildlife, provide shade, control temperatures, increase property values, provide aesthetic value,  and inspire us to continue to strive for excellence for the future of our community. One of the most lasting examples of community spirit and pride is often the trees of our urban forest.

If you have questions about our Tree Planting Program or would like to request a tree for planting along a city street, please contact our City Forester at or leave a voicemail at 314.655.3656.

Learn all about proper tree planting and care by visiting

Tree Planting Requests Taken Year-Round

Park Operations accepts requests for street trees to be planted between the curb and sidewalk along city streets year-round, with planting done in Fall and Spring each year. Our Urban Forester will evaluate each site and make recommendations based upon site conditions which include: utilities, site size, street lights, stop signs, driveways, other trees on street, trees in the neighborhood, trees in private yards. Our Forestry crew plants over 100 trees per year along city streets.

Park Operations does a wonderful job picking out and planting a good tree for the site but we need your help in maintaining the street tree during establishment by providing about 1" water per week for the new tree. We repair (*No volcano mulching) and re-mulch each street tree less than 4" diameter once per year. For more information about tree care please stop by THE HEIGHTS for brochures on all aspects of tree care. 

If you have questions about our Street Tree Planting Program or our award winning Urban Forestry Program, please contact our Urban Forester at or leave a voicemail at 314.655.3656.

Street Tree Fund Donations Accepted

Donations are accepted to our Street Tree Fund which helps to offset costs involved in the planting, care, and maintenance of our street and park trees. Memorial Tree Program is available. For more information about the program, contact our Urban Forester at or leave a voicemail at 314.655.3656.