Fire Command Staff Collaboration

        Brentwood                Clayton                 Maplewood            Richmond Heights     
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Update: Clayton aldermen support the idea of fire command merger, but not as proposed. View the St. Louis Post Dispatch article here. 

Update: Rock Hill's Board of Aldermen voted not to participate at this time.  View the St. Louis Post Dispatch article here. 
The remaining cities are collaborating to determine the necessary changes at this point. This website will reflect those changes as they become available.  
FireCSC Chair, Marty Corcoran, Maplewood City Manager
     Bola Akande, Brentwood City Administrator
     Amy Hamilton, Richmond Heights City Manager
    Greg Steffen, Richmond Heights Battalion Chief
    Paul MercurioClayton Assistant Fire Chief 
FireCSC Chair, Steve Carman, Richmond Heights Fire Chief
Jeff Counts, Clayton Battalion Chief
    Ronnie Cottrell, Brentwood Assistant Fire Chief
    Terry Merrell, Maplewood Fire Chief
    Paul MercurioClayton Assistant Fire Chief 
    Chair & FireCSC Spokesperson, Terry Kurten, Brentwood Fire Chief
    FireCSC Spokesperson, Craig Owens, Clayton City Manager
    Rachelle L'Ecuyer, Maplewood Community Development Director
    Mary Binns, Richmond Heights Community Relations Coordinator

Meeting Minutes

3 City Documents (Changes) - Updated Jan/Feb 2018
    * Budget
    * Organizational Chart
    * Organizational Summaries / Duties

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _   
4 City Documents
    * By-Laws
    * Organizational Chart
    * Organizational Summaries / Duties
    * Intergovernmental Agreement
    * Form Enabling Ordinance
    * Budget

Each participating City's Fire Department page
                                                                                                           click map to enlarge
       Brentwood Fire Department       fire study map REVISED
Clayton Fire Department (Not participating under current plan - Jan/Feb 2018)
       Maplewood Fire Department
       Richmond Heights Fire Department

  A few words from the Chiefs about the Collaboration                    Check out the graphic below describing the changes
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          Chief page - BCMR