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The Municipal Court window is now open at 7447 Dale Avenue, Richmond Heights, MO 63117.

Municipal Court is now open for
in-person hearings.
Masks must be worn in the building during court.
Please follow social distancing lines.
Thank you for your patience. 
Certificate of Approval
Continuity of Operations (COOP)

You may call our office at 314-645-1982 ext. 3 for additional information and updates regarding our operations. Please check back often as information is constantly changing as new orders and rules are issued and it does take some time to get information updated and posted.

Court Dates:
When a court date is cancelled, notices will be mailed to the last known address on file with the court. As delivery of notices may be affected & court date information for cases is publicly available, please review your case on either of the sites listed for your current court date.  Please note it may take a week before the records are all fully updated. You may also call the court office during business hours for court date information.

If you need to change your address with the court, please fill out the required “Change of Address” form.

  1. There will be no cash or in person credit transactions at this time.  If you have a check or money order you may use the drop box located in the lobby (do not deposit cash).  Please be sure to include any necessary paperwork with your payment.  If you wish to make a credit card payment, you may do so after reviewing your case on either of the sites listed below.
  2. For those with "Recommendations         
"Please submit your paperwork to the court PRIOR to making payment. Failure to do so may result in you inadvertently entering a guilty plea and a conviction being entered on your case or paying the wrong amount.Submit a signed copy of your recommendation to the Court via drop-box, mail or email to
  • Wait approximately 2 business days for your record to be updated (or more depending on the volume of cases being updated by the courts or interruptions to business hour services). Please review your case on the appropriate website to ensure your recommendation charge and amount have been entered. If so, you may then make a payment.
All other filings and documentation:
If you are submitting any other documentation to the Court (probation requirements, proof of driving school completion, AA meeting information, signed paperwork, etc.) you may use our dropbox, mail or send copies to

If you are an Attorney and your client's case was issued after January 1, 2020, you are required to e-file your information to the Court using the Missouri CaseNet program.

Only cases prior to January 1, 2020, may be faxed or emailed to the address listed:
Richmond Heights Municipal Court7447 Dale Avenue, Richmond Heights, MO 63117FAX: 314-655-3546Email:

As this is a constantly changing national event, our staffing, policies and orders may abruptly change. We urge you to review the City’s website and check back here for the most up to date information. 

Please note that due to the number of items which may be changed it may take a few days to update the site and update court records. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.    

The Judicial and Administrative Staff of the Richmond Heights Municipal Division


The Municipal Court of the City of Richmond Heights is the judicial branch of the city government and is a Division of the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Missouri.  The Municipal Judge and Clerk of the Court are empowered to collect court fines and costs, take oaths, sign and issue subpoenas, establish and operate the Traffic Violations Bureau, and perform all other duties provided for by the Municipal Code, ordinance and state law.  The Court prepares, maintains, and safeguards records, reports and documents relating to Court activities in the required manner and within time frames established by law.

The Municipal Court has three court sessions monthly, operating with the Municipal Judge, Prosecuting Attorney and the Court Clerks.  The City Council appoints both the Municipal Judge and the Prosecuting Attorney, both of whom must be licensed to practice law in the State of Missouri. 

Stephen O'Brien

Municipal Judge

Municipal Court
7447 Dale Ave.

P: (314) 645-1982 ext. 3
F: (314) 655-3546
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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* Mail in a request for
recommendation with a
self-addressed stamped
envelope or request on
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You have been summoned to come to court on the date shown on your ticket.

You may plead not guilty on the court date and a later trial date will be set.

You may plead guilty by mail for most charges or by coming to the court to pay your fine during normal business hours or on court date.

If you plead guilty at court, you will be given a future date to pay if you can’t pay the day of court.

If you want to plead guilty, but you don’t have the funds to pay your ticket, you still must come to court on the court date shown on your ticket.  You will not be arrested for not having money to pay your fines.

If you do not come to court when summoned to do so, you are subject to a warrant being issued for your arrest.