Business, Merchant, and Liquor Licenses

The Business, Merchant, and Liquor License contact for the City of Richmond Heights is Pam Hylton, Assistant City Manager. 

Business and Merchant Licensing
Businesses wishing to open a store in Richmond Heights are required to obtain a license. Business License fees are based upon the number of employees - $5 per employee, with a minimum license fee of $30 - unless otherwise directed by municipal ordinance.

Anyone wishing to conduct retail sales in Richmond Heights is required to obtain a Merchant License, after first obtaining a Missouri Sales Tax license from the Missouri Department of Revenue listing a Richmond Heights location. After obtaining this license, a Merchant License application must be submitted. For businesses open less than 90 days, a Temporary Merchant License application is required. Please follow the fee structure on the form. Any businesses open longer than 90 days are required to obtain a regular Merchant License. This fee structure is based upon estimated gross receipts through the end of the calendar year - $1.75 per $1,000 of estimated gross receipts.

For merchants located at The Boulevard - St. Louis, please download a TDD Business Registration Form and a TDD Tax Return Form.

Liquor Licensing
Any person who wishes to serve alcohol at a business or commercial establishment within the City of Richmond Heights is required to obtain a liquor license.  These licenses are renewed each July and are presented to the City Council for approval. 

All applications must be now be completed ONLINE.
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