Resident's Guide

When new residents move into Richmond Heights, they visit the Building Department and are given a New Residents Guide. It includes much of the following: 

Garage Sales

Richmond Heights requires residents to obtain Garage Sale Permits, which can be obtained from the receptionist at City Hall. Office hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Permits are issued right away. A garage sale permit costs $3 a day. There is a four-day limit. (Multiple day sales must be within the four-day limit in order to be considered one sale). Richmond Heights will only allow advertisement signs to be posted in the yard of the home where the sale will be held. Signs posted anywhere else - even if you have the permission of the other property's owner - will be taken down and the violator may be fined. Please keep this in mind and plan to advertise your sale in other ways. If you and your neighbors plan to have a block sale, each individual home must obtain a permit. For more information, please call City Hall at (314) 645-0404.

Block Parties

Click here to view the Block Party registration form.  Please note that this form is NOT needed for National Night Out. 
Municipal Publications and Media

The following publications are available to residents at no charge:

  • A newsletter called Richmond Heights Community Update is mailed to all Richmond Heights residences and businesses three times a year.
  • A weekly e-newsletter is emailed to anyone who signs up online. This is the best way to get up-to-date information. Sign up here.
  • An annual City calendar that contains the dates of all regularly scheduled City Council meetings, commission and board meetings, holiday closings and other helpful information is available for residents annually in early-December.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department produces a PARC seasonal program brochure which contains information about recreation opportunities and venues for residents of all ages. The brochures are mailed to all residences at no charge.

Newsletters and other information about City programs and events can be picked up from the lobby at City Hall, the information center inside the front door of the Richmond Heights Memorial Library (8001 Dale Ave.).

Notary Service

Notary services are available at no cost to Richmond Heights residents and business owners in select municipal departments at City Hall during normal business hours. A valid driver's license or other photo identification is required. Best to call to confirm availability.

Pet Regulations

In Richmond Heights, pets are expected to be good residents too. This can only happen if their owners follow a few basic rules mandated by City ordinances and pertaining to pets and their care. Owners shall not permit any pet (dog, cat, etc.) to leave the owner’s yard unless that pet is on a leash.

  • Any person who is walking a pet should not allow the pet to defecate on private or public property unless that person immediately cleans up after that pet.
  • The number of dogs and cats sheltered, harbored, kept, possessed or fed by any person occupying any dwelling unit or commercial premises shall not exceed three (3) in number.

All pets are expected to comply with any inoculation and licensing or registration requirements of the Animal Control Division of St. Louis County and the State of Missouri.

Residential Code Compliance Inspections and Occupancy Permits

The owners and agents of single family residences and the individual dwelling units in multi-family structures are required to apply for a Code Compliance Inspection whenever a change of occupancy occurs. A Code Compliance Certificate must be issued before a new occupant may take up residence in the dwelling and before an Occupancy Permit can be issued to the new occupant.
The fee for a residential Code Compliance Inspection is $65. After the Code Compliance Certificate is issued, the prospective new occupant must apply for an Occupancy Permit at the Building Department. The fee for the one-time permit is $15 and it is issued immediately if a current Code Compliance Certificate is on file.

Residential Code Compliance Inspection Guidelines

Penalty Fee

Prior to a building, dwelling unit or tenant space being occupied, the proposed space to be occupied shall be inspected and approved, with an occupancy permit issued before the building owner shall allow occupancy.  Should occupancy occur prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit, the building owner shall pay a penalty fee of one hundred dollars. ($100.00).

Commercial Code Compliance Inspections and Occupancy Permits

The owners and agents of businesses that wish to locate in Richmond Heights are required to undergo a Commercial Code Compliance inspection process and to secure a Commercial Occupancy Permit before moving into a commercial structure and opening for business. Because of the number of zoning requirements that may be required at a particular site or for a particular type of business - and because of state and local sales tax requirements and licensing issues that may need to be fulfilled before a local Commercial Occupancy Permit may be issued, it is recommended that anyone desiring to do business in Richmond Heights start the process by contacting the Building/Zoning commissioner.  The fee for the Commercial Code Compliance Inspection and Occupancy Permit is $100.

Sign Regulations

No one may post any sign, poster, handbill, card or any form of announcement upon any utility pole, post, tree, building, fence, wall or billboard on public property -- including right-of-ways -- in the City of Richmond Heights. Only traffic or other municipal signs, legal notices, or signage that is otherwise provided for in the City's Municipal Code may be posted. 

Solid Waste Management & Curbside Recycling

Richmond Heights has a mandatory curbside recycling program. Solid waste pickups and the recycling program are free to residents of single-family homes and multi-family buildings containing a maximum of four dwelling units.  Find out more by viewing our Waste Management section

Trash and Debris

The owner or person in control of any private property in Richmond Heights shall keep the premises free of trash and debris. Trash includes garbage, leaves, grass, glass, rock, inoperative vehicles, building materials, etc.

Trash may not be disposed of by throwing it onto vacant or public property or in drainage ditches. Trash may be allowed to accumulate if:

  • Its removal is pending.
  • It will not be on site for more than seven (7) consecutive days.
  • It is in containers and, therefore, not a threat to public health and safety.
  • It is screened from neighbors until the scheduled day of collection.

For the complete ordinance, contact the Building Department.

Lawn Maintenance

Richmond Heights has a grass ordinance in effect. It requires residential and commercial property owners ensure that grass and weeds on their lawns do not surpass a maximum height of seven inches. Lawns should be maintained below this height at all times. Grass clippings should be raked up and properly disposed of as specified by the City's mandatory waste management program. Grass should be properly trimmed away from around buildings, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Grass should not be allowed to grow between the cracks of sidewalks.