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Municipal Court


The Municipal Court of the City of Richmond Heights is the judicial branch of the city government and is a Division of the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Missouri.  The Municipal Judge and Clerk of the Court are empowered to collect court fines and costs, take oaths, sign and issue subpoenas, establish and operate the Traffic Violations Bureau, and perform all other duties provided for by the Municipal Code, ordinance and state law.  The Court prepares, maintains, and safeguards records, reports and documents relating to Court activities in the required manner and within time frames established by law.


The Municipal Court has three court sessions monthly, operating with the Municipal Judge, Prosecuting Attorney and the Court Clerks.  The City Council appoints both the Municipal Judge and the Prosecuting Attorney, both of whom must be licensed to practice law in the State of Missouri. 

Stephen O'Brien
Municipal Judge



7447 Dale Ave.

P: (314) 645-1982

F: (314) 655-3546


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City of Richmond Heights
1330 S. Big Bend Blvd.
Richmond Heights, Missouri 63117-2202