Wise Avenue Street Project


 Wise Avenue Street Project

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December 4, 2015

The final concrete work on Wise Avenue has been completed and the project has reached substantial completion.  There still are a few punch list items to be fixed and the last portion of the sod that will be completed over the next couple of weeks.  Final roadway pavement markings at intersections will be placed in the spring as daily temperatures are not consistently high enough to let the paint stick to the pavement. 
It is never easy with the phasing and construction of a new road on top of an existing road, so the City greatly appreciates everyone's patience over the last 9 months.  
Please email or call me with any questions or comments.  Have a good weekend.

November 20, 2015

After a few days of rain, the contractor is back to pouring concrete today for sidewalk and driveways on the north side of Wise between Big Bend and Mabel.  Due to weather delays this week, the contractor will be working on-site Saturday to form the remaining driveways and sidewalk between Mabel and Murphy.  They will be pouring the final sidewalk and driveways with high-early strength concrete Monday and Tuesday that only needs 24 hours of cure time so that all driveways are open before Thanksgiving.  The street will also be cleaned up for 2 way traffic and parking on both sides of the street prior to Thanksgiving.  Final grading and sod will be placed the week after Thanksgiving as long as there are no weather issues.

November 13, 2015

As of this week all of the roadway pavement has been completed for the Wise Ave project.  Next week, the contractor will be installing the last of the sidewalk and driveways on the north side of the street between Big Bend and Murphy.  The weather does not look the best Monday through Wednesday, but we are hopeful to still get this completed next week.  Traffic between Big Bend and Murphy will still be Eastbound only.  The westbound lane will need to be closed to allow the contractor working room for the sidewalks and driveways.  
Our goal is to get the entire roadway, driveways and sidewalk open to two-way traffic and parking on both sides of the street before Thanksgiving.  

October 22, 2015

The Wise Ave project is getting closer and closer to the finish line.  Tomorrow, (Friday 10/23) the sod will be placed between Bellevue and Mabel except for the north side of Wise between Mabel and Murphy.  Starting on Monday, they will install all driveways and sidewalk down to Big Bend on the south side of Wise.  
On Monday, access to Wise Ave from Big Bend will be closed in both directions.  You will have to detour off at Hoover or Warner to get access to Wise.  The contractor will begin on Tuesday to remove both sides of the Wise intersection at Big Bend and pour back the next day.  Once the contractor installs the signal loop detection near the end of next week (10/30), the county will allow us to open the intersection back up to traffic. After this happens, the contractor will shift one way EASTBOUND ONLY traffic onto the new pavement on the south side of Wise moving towards Mabel and Highland.  
Starting the week of 11/2, the contractor will start removing pavement from Big Bend to Murphy on the north side of the street.  They will start pouring concrete to replace the street this week as well and hope to be completed with the street, sidewalks and driveways by the end of the week on 11/13.  So by the end of the week on 11/20 they hope to have all of the project completed as well as installing all of the sod, streets cleaned and completely open to two way traffic throughout the project.  
We will be sweeping and cleaning the street tomorrow as well to help control dust and dirt that has accumulated throughout the project.  

October 2, 2015

The contractor for Wise Ave will be pouring the concrete street on the south side of Wise between Highland and Murphy this Monday.  Starting on Monday/Tuesday the contractor will also start to break/remove the south side pavement from Murphy down to Big Bend.  All traffic on Wise between Highland and Big Bend will be Westbound only once the removal of the street begins.  There will be hours/days at a time when we get close to the Big Bend intersection that we will need to close off all access to the Big Bend intersection to give working room to the contractor and provide overall safety, so be on the lookout for construction signs and detours.  During those times, when on Big Bend you will either have to get home by using Warner to the south or Hoover/Ethel to the north.  
They hope to pour concrete half way down to Big Bend from Murphy late next week as well as pour sidewalk and driveways between Highland and Murphy on the south side.
On a side note, the MSD project will close Mabel between Hoover and Wise mid next week for a few days to connect the new storm sewers north of Hoover up to the new storm sewers on Wise Ave.
The Wise/Mabel area will be extremely busy the next week or two, so please drive slowly and be careful.  We are looking at 5-6 weeks and the Wise Ave project will be completed!
We appreciate your patience through this project.
Have a good weekend.

September 4, 2015

The contractor has completed all pavement between Bellevue and Highland on Wise except for half of the Sunset intersections that will be poured next week.  The sidewalk and driveways on the south side between Bellevue and Highland will be poured starting Tuesday of next week.  
The next phase of the project will be between Highland and Mabel.  They will start next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on weather, breaking and removing the pavement on the north side of this section.  No parking signs will be put up on both sides of the street starting the Tuesday after the Labor Day weekend and will last 4-5 weeks.  Westbound traffic only will be moved to the south side of the street between Highland and Mabel.
MSD will be out of the Wise/Mabel/Murphy area by next Tuesday with the storm sewer work and will allow the street contractor to move in right behind with the Wise Ave street project.

August 14, 2015

Gershenson Construction has been able to pour all of the concrete pavement, sidewalk and driveways between Bellevue and Highland on the north side of the road.  There is a small section at the NE corner of Wise/Highland that is not completed as there is a water main break that needs to be fixed before we can complete that section.
The sod that was placed on phase 1 of the project east of Bellevue has been installed and watered for 30 days and is now the responsibility of the owner to maintain.  Please water when you can if we do not get enough rain moving forward and try not to cut the grass too short early on.
Next week the contractor will work on getting the north side of Wise between Bellevue and Highland cleaned up and anticipates moving WESTBOUND traffic to the north side of the road to remove and replace pavement, sidewalks, and driveways on the south side of the street starting the week of 8/24.  
We anticipate completing the entire section between Bellevue and Highland by early/mid September.
Phase 3 of the project will probably be broken up into 2 section from Highland to Mabel and Mabel to Big Bend.  The contractor still anticipates completing the project sometime in 2015.
The MSD Wise-Mabel project will gear up starting mid next week installing storm structures and sewers from Hoover/Mabel and up to Wise/Mabel and east on Wise to around Murphy.  This will be done to tie into the Wise Ave street project.
Have a good weekend.

August 5, 2015

Gershenson met with MSD to discuss details for start of work at  Hoover & Mabel to Wise & Mabel. We have agreed to a work plan and will start tentatively on Tuesday 8-11-15.  I expect to be working in the above locations from 8-11 thru 8-20-15.

Gershenson will move Traffic Control Devices in place next week before any work starts. During the work day cars will not be able to pass the crew where they may be working that day. We will modify our detour signs and other signage as necessary to keep the area safe yet accessible.

July 27, 2015

The weather outlook looks great and we are starting to move quickly again, so I wanted to send a quick update for traffic control concerns. 
Gershenson construction has removed the final quadrant of the Bellevue/Wise intersection and will pour that back on Tuesday.  They plan on removing and pouring back the north side of Wise between Bellevue and Sunset by Wednesday and hopefully they will be able to remove and pour back the north side of Wise between Sunset and Highland by Friday.
All traffic on Wise will be westbound only between Bellevue and Highland.  All traffic approaching Wise from Sunset will be forced westbound only as well.  The detour will be on Hoover between Highland and Bellevue.

July 15, 2015

The weather has finally given us enough dry time and the sod between Bellevue and the east end has been installed today.  The contractor will be responsible to water the sod for 30 days and after that property owners will be responsible for watering.  We will now be able to open up the majority of phase 1 for two way traffic and street parking.  We will need a small amount of room on the street near Bellevue to store equipment and material while we finish up the Bellevue intersection.  Once we are out of the intersection all material and equipment will move west with the project.  
Gershenson plans to pour the rest of the SE intersection quadrant this week as well as starting to remove the SW quadrant of the intersection.  The SW section will be poured early next week.  Towards the end of next week, they will start to remove the NW quadrant as well as the north side of Wise moving towards Highland Terrace.  This will make Wise Avenue one way only with traffic moving westbound on the south side of Wise Ave between Bellevue and Highland Terrace.
MSD will soon start installing the next round of storm sewers near Wise and Mabel and will update everyone when I have confirmation on that start date.

July 2, 2015

We are hopeful that one day the rain will stop to allow for construction to continue.  No one could possibly anticipate 14 inches of rain for the month of June so the last 3 weeks have put most of the progress at a stand still.  
 At the moment, there are actually two different projects on Wise that are both being constructed by Gershenson Construction.  The first one is the city sponsored street project that has constructed Wise Ave between the eastern city limits and Bellevue.  The other project is MSD's sewer separation project that is currently just west of Bellevue near Sunset Ave.  That project is installing storm sewers that will allow the street project to continue moving west.  The contractor anticipates that part of the project near Sunset to be completed Thursday or Friday and will allow two-way traffic to be opened back up in this area.  
Gershenson is planning on beginning construction of the Bellevue intersection this coming Monday.  They will construct half of it at a time that will leave room for two narrow lanes for north-southbound traffic and will take a couple weeks.  We anticipated the first phase between the city limits and Bellevue to be opened up 2-3 weeks ago as the street construction is completed, but we are constantly being delayed by rain that will not allow us to do the final grading and install the sod.  We will try to open up as much street parking as we can in these areas, but be aware that as soon as it dries up, we will need to eliminate the parking for a couple days to allow room for the contractor to grade and lay the sod.  The contractor will also need to use a portion of the street parking areas to store equipment and materials.  We appreciate your patience and hopefully dry weather is around the corner.  
Have a good holiday weekend!

June 24, 2015

Wise Avenue will be closed between Highland Terrace and Bellevue throughout the day starting Thursday, June 25 through Wednesday, July 1.  
Gershenson Construction will be installing storm sewers from the MSD Wise-Mabel project so the road construction for Wise Ave can continue moving west.  
There will be one lane of traffic open for emergency services and local residents and businesses to reach their properties on Wise within the working areas as well as Sunset Ave as there is no other access to Sunset.  All other traffic will be detoured to Hoover Ave between Highland and Bellevue. 
Traffic could be open to two-way traffic after work hours once certain tasks are completed, but please follow the no parking signs all day on Wise in the areas of Bellevue to Sunset to allow the contractor enough room to work and store equipment and materials.
June 5, 2015 update


In between rain events, the contractor has been able to still make good progress up to the Bellevue intersection.  Other than half of the northbound Yale intersection, all of the roadway pavement has been poured.  The other half of the Yale intersection as well as the remaining sidewalk and driveways on the north side of the street will be poured next week.  The portion that has been poured to date from the eastern city limits to Bellevue represents 1/3 of the project length, so the contractor has made great progress with the project in under 8 weeks! (see attached photos)  Towards the end of next week weather depending, we will start to construct the Bellevue intersection.  The intersection is wide enough that we can build half of it at a time and still allow for 2 narrow lanes moving north and southbound.  We will construct as much of it as we can with high-early strength concrete to limit the impacts and narrow driving lanes.
The contractor has already started to bring in fresh topsoil to clean up the tree lawns as well as the back of sidewalks and driveways on private property.  Depending on timing with sod farms and temperatures, we may have to wait until this fall to place sod for disturbed areas along the project.  They will also be coming along to permanently reset your railing if you had it removed to replace your steps.
We have made good planning progress with MSD and the Wise-Mabel project as far as coordinating both the street project and sewer separation project.  We have a plan in place to work on Wise Ave sewers prior to the rest of the MSD work so that the street project can continue moving west and not cause any delays.  The MSD project has started to relocate utilities along the corridor as these are needed to install the new storm inlets.  
Have a good weekend and hope to see you at the Party on the Pavement this weekend!!

May 18, 2015 update

There was not a lot of action on Wise Avenue last week to allow cure time on the new concrete that was poured. 
Starting on Monday, May 18, Gershenson will pour sidewalk on the south side of Wise between Yale and Bellevue. They will also sweep and clean the new pavement on the south side so that the one-way westbound traffic will be moved to the new pavement on Monday/Tuesday.
On Tuesday, they will begin to remove the pavement on the north side between the eastern city limits and Bellevue. They will leave half of the northern Yale intersection to still allow the one-way northbound traffic on Yale. The contractor will also place temporary rock back in driveways so residents will still have access to their driveways through the holiday weekend.
After Memorial Day weekend, they will begin to form the curb and pour the entire north side stretch from the eastern city limits to Bellevue which should be completed by Friday, May 29, weather permitting.

For more information, contact Public Works Director Chris Boyd at cboyd@richmondheights.org or 314-655-3670.