MSD West Wise I/I Reduction Project

Please click here and here to view an overview of the MSD West Wise I/I Reduction Project.

For more information, contact Public Works Director Chris Boyd at or
at 314-655-3670.

September 29, 2017 Update:
MSD's contractor for the West Wise project contacted the City today after their two-month break that they will be back in town on Monday 10/3 to start construction for the new storm sewer on Boland between Wise Avenue and Brookline Terrace.  Boland will be closed between Wise and Brookline starting Monday and the detour plan here.  The detour will consist of Wise to Moorlands to Brookline and back to Boland.  Today they hand delivered the attached detour to all affected residents on Boland.  

August 21st, 2017 Update:
Last week it was confirmed that due to MSD's contractor busy schedule, this project will be delayed until early November 2017.  A bit of private property work may still continue, but no roadwork until later this year.  The contractor has until June 2018 to complete the project and sees no issues in doing so.  

July 26th, 2017 Update:
Things are moving along with the MSD West Wise project. Last week, after underground utilities were located, detours were placed for through traffic. The contractor has installed the storm sewers near Boland and Gissler and is working their way north.  Weather-permitting, storm sewer installation should be complete this week with restoration work beginning next week.  
 Storm Sewer up close  IMG_1023  IMG_1017

Friday, June 2, 2017 Update:

The MSD West Wise project is currently under way with Fred Luth and Sons selected as the prime contractor.  The contractor started potholing utilities around the project area streets where storm sewers will be installed in April and that will last through June.  The contractor has started making improvements on private property to the nearly 300 residences that will receive storm water improvements in the way of disconnecting downspouts from sanitary sewer lateral or installing a private storm sewer lateral that will be connected to the new public storm sewer within the street in the future.  The project schedule calls for the contractor to begin installing the public storm sewers within the street areas labeled blue on the map around the week of July 10th.  The project has a 500-day deadline and they are estimating final restoration for the project to be completed by spring of 2018.  Please call or email Chris Boyd, Director of Public Works at 314-655-3670 or with any questions or concerns about the project.