2018 Concrete Slab Pavement Program

Please click here to view an overview of the 2018 Concrete Slab Pavement Program

The 2018 Concrete Slab Project consists of slab, sidewalk, driveway approach and ADA removal and replacement on portions of Lovella Avenue, Moorlands Avenue, and Mitchell Avenue.

The anticipated timeline for construction is between April 1st and June 30th, 2018.

For more information, contact Public Works Director Chris Boyd at cboyd@richmondheights.org or
at 314-655-3670.

Thursday, April 12

Sweetens Concrete has been selected to perform project and has started to remove the north half of Mitchell including driveway approaches.  Once the north half of the street has been poured back and while they are waiting on cure time, they will move to Moorlands and Lovella to start removing and replacing half of the street at a time.  The contractor will hand out notices a couple days prior to removing your side of the street to let you know when you will need to be out of your driveway for a couple weeks.

Monday, February 5th Update:

More information to follow soon.