October 18, 2018

HDR has been contracted by Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) to perform Private Inflow Removal (PIR) Inspections for a project titled "Brentwood and Redbud Ave CSO Interceptor (/-118)/0utfall (L-111) Elimination Design (MSD Project #12139)." Throughout the next four (4) to six (6) weeks (~ November 15th-30th) these inspections will be occurring throughout the project as defined on the attached project boundary map (see link below). 

PIR Inspections involve door to door field inspections that typically include data collection related to the identification of stormwater connections. Civil Design, Inc. (COi) crew members will be walking around neighborhoods with iPad's collecting data (including photographs) related to identified stormwater connections on private property. Residents and businesses are made aware of these efforts through an Introductory letter package that includes a brochure explaining the importance of the project work being performed, the reason this data needs to be collected and how the general public can assist in the process. 
With the extensive amount of field work required for this project, there is a significant amount of public interface with our employees, so the intent of this letter is to inform all necessary city officials of the work that will be taking place within the project area. Before beginning work within a project area, HOR strives to adequately notify all necessary city officials and affiliated police departments. 
In an attempt to help your office better understand the project work and the communications with the public, attached to this letter you will find the following:

Overall Project Boundary Map 
This map identifies the overall project boundary of where these services will be performed.

Project Clear Introductory Letter
This letter is sent to all residents of the project area approximately one week prior to beginning PIR inspections. This letter explains who will be providing this work, what apparel the field staff will be wearing and how our crews are expected to identify themselves. 

Project Clear "Get the RAIN OUT"
This brochure is sent to all residents along with the introductory letter. This brochure explains MSD's purpose of the program and how it will affect the residents.

You're welcome to call Diane Grossenheider, P.E. at 314-425-8339 or email at diane.grossenheider@hdrinc.comif you would like to discuss the project in further detail.