Missouri American Water Main Replacement Project

March 29, 2019
Missouri American Water (MOAW) and their contractor (JH Berra) have begun the water main replacement project on several streets in Richmond Heights.  

As the map below shows, construction will be on the following streets:
    * Big Bend Blvd from Hiawatha to Forsyth in Clayton
    * Dale Avenue from Big Bend Blvd to Hawthorne (Est. completion August 2019)
    * Warner Avenue from Big Bend Blvd to Murphy (OUT FOR BID - no timeframe available yet)
    * Murphy Avenue (OUT FOR BID - no timeframe available yet)

For the Big Bend Blvd project, the contractor will start by installing a permanent lane drop for the right southbound lane of Big Bend from Dale to Hiawatha.  They will sawcut the lane on Saturday and combination of day/night time work will begin on Monday. The night time work will typically only happen when they are crossing over Big Bend to tie into the side streets.  All work that happens in the same lane along Big Bend will happen during the day.

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