McKnight Road Improvement Project

November 6, 2018

The City of Richmond Heights and St. Louis County have both secured separate federal grants to perform road improvements on McKnight Road.  Richmond Heights received a grant to install a sidewalk on one side of McKnight Road between Clayton Road and I-64 as well as drainage improvements.  St. Louis County received a grant for asphalt resurfacing between Clayton Road and I-64 and to replace the traffic signal at McKnight Road and Clayton Road.  Both grants have been combined into one project that will be led by the City.

TWM has been contracted to perform engineering services for design and construction management.  The survey of existing features and utilities has begun and they will soon put together conceptual design plans.  Once that is completed the City will hold an open house for residents to come view the conceptual design and make any comments before we move onto final design.  The open house will take place sometime in the winter/spring of 2019.  More details to follow at a later date.

The schedule for the project is as follow:

Design - 2019
Right of Way and temporary easement acquisitions (if needed) - 2020
Construction - 2021

Overall Project Boundary Map
This map identifies the overall project boundary of where these services will be performed.