The Hiawatha Avenue Roadway Reconstruction Project - Summer 2017

August 21, 2017
The block between Del Norte & Beulah is completely removed and they are starting to form back.  The plan is to have the street repoured by Friday the 25th but with forecasted rain, the schedule may be delayed.   

August 15, 2017

IMG_1176   Crews assembled on Hiawatha yesterday 8/14 as detours and signs were put in place so work can begin. The ground has been broken near Del Norte and will work its way west towards Big Bend Blvd.  Residents should put their waste receptacles out to the curb as usual for trash pickup on Wednesday. The contractor should ensure that Republic Services can access them that day. 

August 10, 2017
The contractor has fixed the issue with acquiring the MSD permit and will be starting the project on Monday, August 14th.  Sweetens Concrete is currently distributing letters to all residents and businesses on the block who will be affected.
Starting Monday 8/14, the block between Del Norte and Beulah will be closed and detoured to Williams, Beulah and back to Hiawatha.
The street, sidewalk and driveway approaches will be removed and replaced similar to Wise Avenue project.  

At this time, the estimated completion time is about a month per block.  

July 26, 2017 Update:
Preliminary work and storm structures should be complete next week (by 8/4/17) and Sweetens Concrete Co. should begin work on the first block of Hiawatha Ave, east of Big Bend Blvd up until Boneta Ave. The contractor plans to be on site to notify residents and work on logistics.  The entire block in each segment will be completely closed with detours. Each section should be completed in about 4-5 weeks if conditions are favorable, with the entire project completed around November of 2017. The contractor & their crew will then move east a block at a time until completion.  More updates to come!  

                                   Check back for updates on this project regularly.

About the Project:

Back in January of 2017, RHPW notified residents along Hiawatha Ave that the design consultant company, TWM, Inc., would begin surveying work in order to start designing the roadway reconstruction on Hiawatha Avenue between Del Norte and Big Bend. Design work was completed in June and construction will begin August 7, 2017, pending weather or other unforeseeable obstacles.  Construction by Sweetens Concrete Company should take 3-4 months max.  

Sweetens will be reconstructing and adding stormwater improvements to Hiawatha Avenue between Del Norte Avenue and Big Bend Boulevard.  The project will begin in August 2017 and be completed by November 2017 or sooner.  The project calls for the existing street, sidewalk and driveway approaches to be removed and replaced.  The existing street will be replaced with a new concrete street.  New storm sewer inlets and underdrains will be added at the intersections of Boneta and Beulah to fix the ponding of water at the intersections.  The project will be completed in phases to reduce the amount of inconvenience to traffic as well as access to street parking and individual driveways.

Please call or email Chris Boyd, Director of Public Works at 314-655-3670 or with any questions or concerns.

Hiawatha map