Lay Road Construction Project - Spring-Summer 2018

Project Description 

Lay Road Construction Project is a joint project between the City of Richmond Heights and Ladue.  The City of Ladue secured a federal grant to install a sidewalk on the west side of Ladue from Clayton Road to McKnight Road.  The project will also resurface both sides of the street within the same limits of the sidewalk.  There will be tree removal and a retaining throughout some areas on the west side for the sidewalk.  The project will begin early March and will be completed by end of July. 

Please contact Richmond Heights Public Works for more information. 

Road Construction Plans

March 13, 2018 Update:

The contractor will begin to remove trees on the west side of the road on Wednesday, March 14th.  Starting this date, Lay Road will be closed during working hours to normal traffic.  Local residents living along Lay Road and adjacent subdivisions will still be able to access their houses at all times as normal.  Lay Road will be opened back up to two-way traffic at night times and non-working times.