2016 Concrete Slab Replacement Program

Please click here to view an overview of the 2016 Concrete Slab Replacement Project.

For more information, contact Public Works Director Chris Boyd at cboyd@richmondheights.org or
at 314-655-3670.

Friday, July 15th Update:
Crafton Contracting Company was selected for the Concrete Slab Replacement Project.  They began work on Monday and started at the Laclede Station Road location between Dale Avenue and I-64.  This location will be complete removal of the street and replacement with concrete slabs.  The project will add 38 90 degree parking spots and a sidewalk from Dale Avenue leading to the park entrance on the east side of the road.  The contractor is removing the entire roadway except for one lane leaving a southbound one way only situation for about 3 weeks.  Once concrete is replaced and cured, they will remove the remaining lane on the west side of the street.  When this happens they will need to completely close road for 2 weeks.

Monday, August 15th Update:
Crafton Contracting has completed all main roadway improvements on Laclede Station Road and both directions of traffic is back open.  Driveway approaches and sidewalks will be completed by end of week, weather depending.

The contractor has completed the eastbound lane of Bruno between Del Norte and Sutton and will construct driveway approaches as soon as the roadway concrete has cured.  Once cured, they will move the one-way traffic to the new southside (eastbound) lane and then remove and replace the north side (westbound) lane and driveway approaches.

Street work will soon take place on parts of the following streets:
Sutton Ave
Hiawatha Ave
Galleria Parkway

Tuesday, September 20th Update:
Crafton Contracting has completed all roadway improvements on Bruno, Sutton and Hiawatha.  They have now moved onto work on Galleria Parkway.  They will be replacing slabs from the I-170 bridge through the Metro Station Stop circle.  This work will take 3-4 weeks and they will be shifting traffic lanes as they work.  Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in front of the I-170 entrance, but will go down to one lane near the Metro Station Stop circle.

Wednesday, October 12th Update:
Crafton Contracting has completed all roadway improvements on Galleria Parkway and the project is now completed.