The Work Zone

Work Zone

Workout in a place designed just for you! The Work Zone provides children ages 8-15, a safe and exciting place to be physically active.  Youth must participate in a Work Zone orientation before utilizing the youth fitness center. All orientations are by appointment only. This facility is supervised by trained staff at all times.

Admission ( Please check in or pay at the front desk):
R&M $5; NR $7 per orientation
With Family or Youth Membership            Free
Residents                                                  $5.00
Non-Residents                                          $7.00

Hours: The Work Zone is open anytime THE HEIGHTS is open. 

For the Safety of your children, they must meet the following requirements before admittance:
1.   Ages 8 through 15 
2.   Completion of an orientation
3.   Closed toed shoes (NO CROCS!) 
4.   Comfortable clothing (NO JEANS)

Work Zone Orientation Form
Please fill out the attached form and return it to THE HEIGHTS Guest Services Desk.  
Orientation Form