Services & Responsibilities

Finance Director
The Finance Director of the City of Richmond Heights oversees the daily operations of the Finance Department including accounts payable, accounts receivable, investments, budgeting, audit and licensing.  This person assists the City Manager in compiling an annual balanced budget.   Additionally, the Finance Director is responsible for preparation of the City’s annual financial report.

Accounts Payable
Accounts payable is responsible for the disbursement of monies to various vendors for goods and services.  Once an invoice is received and processed by a department, the invoice is sent to the accounts payable department for payment. This is typically done on a weekly basis to ensure timely payments.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts receivable is responsible for collecting monies to be deposited into the City’s general checking account for investing or disbursement.  The Finance Department daily reconciles cash receipts and posts them to the City’s general ledger.

Payroll is responsible for making payment to the City’s employees on a bi-weekly basis for work completed, and collection of monies for taxes, insurance premiums, and retirement investment.  Payroll is responsible for processing payments for life insurance, health insurance, retirement planning, and all state and local tax disbursement.

Liquor Licensing
Any person who wishes to serve alcohol at a business or commercial establishment within the City of Richmond Heights is required to obtain a liquor license.  These licenses are renewed each July and are presented to the City Council for approval.  The Finance Department is responsible for ensuring that all persons serving alcohol obtain a liquor license.

Solicitation Permits
The City of Richmond Heights issues solicitation permits only to non-profit organizations.  An application must be filed with the Finance Department, and a nominal fee is collected to cover the cost of a background check. Click "here" to download a copy of the Solication Application. Any person or organization that seeks to solicit for profit will not be issued a solicitation permit.